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Since its foundation, ECO has collaborated with a number of international donors. Such partnerships enhance our team’s capacity and add to the value of our services, thus enabling us to provide our clients with world-class services on a very competitive level.

Achieving Compliance in Industry – ACI

The ACI Component is part of the Danida funded ESP (Environmental Sector Programme).

Together with Danida the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) has established an office at FEI called ECO- Environmental Compliance Office.

The component supports the industry in improving compliance with environmental regulation through Cleaner Production. Cleaner Production is the combining term used to describe cleaner technologies involved, end of pipe abatement equipment and good environmental management.

The ACI component phased out in January 2008 after six years but leaves its legacy at the Federation in the form of ECO which is now a successful business unit in FEI.

The German Institute For Expert Corporation(GIZ)

Private Sector Development Program (PSDP) – Green Business

PSDP it is a part of the framework of the GIZ program since 2005 and aims to achieve the concept of the sustainability and increase the competitiveness of the private sector through the development and rationalization of resources through several initiatives such as the “Green Development” initiative.

An Agreement has been signed between Green Business Service and ECO to help small and medium enterprises to increase production efficiency, rationalize resource consumption and implement programs to improve the efficiency of exploiting different sources in the industry.


EconoWin sees women’s potential, and; therefore, it supports their integration in the economy. The name stands for “Economic Integration of Women in the MENA Region”; a regional programme activated from 2010 until 2016 in Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco. EconoWin works along four lines:

  • The engagement for a positive perception of women’s active economic role.
  • The improvement of working conditions and career opportunities in companies.
  • The empowerment of women to find a better place in economic value chains.
  • And the support of professional orientation for women.

Gender Diversity Programme

ECO signed an agreement with EconoWin; on further spreading the Gender Diversity Management approach among a large number of business actors in Egypt.
The focus of the cooperation is a knowledge transfer on Gender Diversity Management; a business tool developed to improve recruitment, retention and career advancement of female talent within private companies.


Resource Efficiency (REEF) project in the Food Industry was part of the Egyptian – German Private Sector Development Programme (PSDP) conducted by GIZ (formerly GTZ), under the agreement dated 27th June 1973 between the Federal Republic of Germany and The Arab Republic of Egypt regarding technical cooperation.

A trilateral agreement between ECO/FEI, CFI/FEI and GIZ was taking place on March 2010 for approx. 2 successful years and the following goals were achieved:

  1. Developing a common concept and strategy for the successful implementation of REsource EFficiency (REEF) measures for resources (energy, water and chemicals) consumption in food industries
  2. REEF measures were sustainably offered to the food sector by qualified experts based on the PIUS-Check (cleaner production) concepts
  3. Monitoring and evaluation system on resource consumption in the food sector industries was elaborated and implemented
  4. The involved parties promoted the implementation of REEF measures

Although the PIUS-Check project aimed to the beneficially of food companies to apply resource (water, energy, chemicals) efficiency measures only 6 food companies were successfully involved to the process of macro and micro-analysis. The selected companies were visited to collect all the needed information about PIUS-Check and resources consumptions.

The REEF studies were concluded that all the food companies under the study were found to be able to implement the REEF measures. All beneficiary food companies under the study could achieve average savings of resources consumption by 15% of both energy and water. While the expected savings of chemicals consumption could be only 5%.

“Pioneer Business with Better Working Conditions” Competition

It is a competition organized by ECO/FEI in cooperation with representatives of the National Employment Initiative and (GIZ). The Egyptian SMEs were invited to present their ideas on improving working conditions.

The winning companies were awarded a financial amount of up to LE 500,000 to implement their own projects, also technical assistance was provided to the winning companies, and they had the opportunity to join the National Employment Initiative.

The best projects implemented at the local, regional and international levels were presented as success stories for the Egyptian companies. Important measures have been put in place to enhance the quality of work and improve its conditions, as well as offering study tours in Germany for the best-performing companies.

Manager Technical Energy Efficiency

ECO SD/ FEI held a training program under the title “Manager Technical Energy Efficiency “. The program was the output of the close cooperation between, Egyptian-German High Level Joint Committee for cooperation on renewable energy and energy efficiency and environmental protection (JCEE), the Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency (EGYPTERA) and TUV Rheinland.

The main objective of the program is to enhance the trainees to be responsible for energy efficiency improvements in their company and to audit the energy situation.

It also helps to plan, set up, and maintain an energy management system in their facilities, and to find ways to reduce the energy costs. In addition to that the training provided the technical basics necessary to be experienced in auditing an Energy efficiency management system as well.

Solar Energy Application Manufacture Network

A network for a local manufacture of solar energy applications was established by ECO FEI development early 2013, with the idea of having a network from different local manufacturers to develop and encourage the Egyptian solar energy applications Product in order to compete with international products, increase the number of local manufactures and decrease the current production cost by 20%.

The network characteristic:

  • The network consists of thirteen Egyptian manufactures from mainly in solar water heater and photovoltaic market and able to include different feeding industries such as (Batteries, Glass and copper tubes,..) and installers.
  • The network is the link between universities and research institutes.
  • The network designed to meet once per month besides exchanging emails.

Objective of the network:

  • Establishing database for local manufacture and feeding industries.
  • Addressing financial mechanism for helping local manufacture.
  • Intermediate between governmental, international agencies and local manufactures.
  • Study the market Solar Thermal Systems
  • Addressing barriers with available solutions.
  • Improving quality of local RE products.
  • Transfer best available technologies that suites Egyptian market.

ECOMONDO, The Green Technologies Expo

Organized by ECO FEI in cooperation with Riminifiera, under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Emilia Romagna region, ECOMONDO is the most accredited business platform for southern Europe and the Mediterranean basin, for what concerns exploitation and recycling of waste and raw materials, energy efficiency, circular economy, as well as latest industrial technologies and solutions for ecological innovation.

Furthermore, ECOMONDO is the foremost B2B and R2B (research to business) meeting point where national and international experts can delve into the technical problems linked to the management of waste, environmental protection and restoration, solar energy solutions, sustainable transportation and technological priorities of smart cities.

Sectors of interest:

  • Waste management and exploitation
  • Biobased industry & bioeconomy
  • Sites remediation and risk prevention
  • Water, waste water and sewage
  • Wind energy
  • Solar Energy
  • Energy Storage
  • Energy Efficiency

Development of Upper Egypt

ECO/FEI carried out several rounds in the governorates of Upper Egypt in order to expand the geographic scope of the office to include Upper Egypt. ECO started its visit in Sohag governorate to arrange a meeting in cooperation with Sohag Investors Association to present the technical and financial services, which achieved by ECO SD to the members of the FEI in Sohag governorate through the revolving loan.

The office completed its visit to Beni Suef Governorate and the governorates of El-Beheira and El Gharbia in cooperation with the Egyptian Center for Enterprise Development, the International Trade Point and the Social Fund for Development to promote sustainable development projects with the participation of a large number of representatives of industrial establishments in various sectors.

During the visits, awareness was raised on CSR in industrial sectors where ECO works to encourage companies to have a more effective role.

The first priority is the employees of the company by providing fair salaries, providing a safe and a healthy work environment and observing the principles of  safety and occupational health within the company, and their sense of belonging, which will in turn reflect on improving the quality of the product and increasing its competitiveness locally and globally.

ECO also adopted an initiative to promote and encourage the use of clean energy sources to promote the use of solar energy for industrial and tourism sectors in Egypt.

In addition, ECO is keen to support factories located in poor areas, which works with many women in the belief of the importance of the women role in development and their right to provide a clean and a healthy world environment.

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