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El Shehab Company for dyeing and finishing

The company is consider as medium size and located in 10th of Ramadan industrial zone area A2 pieces no 1/5/16. The company is able to dye all kind and types of cotton, polyester, wool and acrylic yarn.

Main Source of Pollution:

The waste water is the main source of pollution due to a huge amount of water usage of 750 m3 / day in bleaching, dyeing and mercerization process which consume about 50 tons / month caustic soda discharged directed to the sewer system adding to some other organic compounds like acetic acids for neutralization and others in the dyeing process.

Environmental compliance Implemented Options

Replacement of the old and traditional mercerization with the new closed cycled one to reduce the hydraulic and pollution loads of alkaline and organic compound.

Environmental and Economic Benefits

Environmental benefits:

  1. Alkaline vapor protection.
  2. Wasted water reduction 70000 m3/year.
  3. Reduction in alkaline pollution 64% and 30% of acetic.
  4. Reduction 40% in electricity.
  5. Increase the RFT with 16%.

Investment Cost: 1,500,000 L.E.

Economic Returns: 530,000 L.E per year.

Return Period: 35 months.

Al Hellal Tricot Factory

Al Hellal Tricot Factory manufactures knitted fabrics and readymade garments. Dyeing and finishing is also done on site. There are 320 employees working two shifts, six days/week.

Environmental compliance Implemented Options

  • Laboratory provided with colour match system to determine the required contents in dye.
  • New equipment and rearrangement in the dye house including installation of new dyeing machines to decrease the wasted fibre ratio by 50%, rearrangement of chemical and raw materials’ containers to reduce loss of raw materials and dyeing liquid as well as the substitution of sodium sulphide by glucose in sulphur black dyeing to avoid hazardous effects of sodium sulphide on the environment and workers’ health.

Environmental and Economic Benefits

Options Environmental benefits Economic saving / year (EGP) Investment (EGP) Pay-back period (months)
Quality control laboratory Wasted water reduction: 1250 m3/year
CO2 reduction: 4 t/year
264,000 230,000 10
New equipment and rearrangement in the dye house Wasted water reduction: 2600 m3/year
CO2 reduction: 9  t/year
986,000 2,700,000 33
Total 1,250,000 2,930,000 28

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