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Networking in its purest form is simply talking to people, making connections and developing rapport to grow the circle of influence. By developing long-term relationships for mutual gain and creating lasting impressions with people and learning a life skill which has many applications for both personally and professionally.

OHS network will focus the attention on improving the dialogue in the sectorial and enterprise level, growing organizations and developing two-way dialogues that have benefits to all parties involved.

Occupational Health and Safety Network:

A network for a health and safety will establish by Federation of Egyptian industries – Environmental Compliance Office and Sustainable Development under the DAPP program, with the mission “improve the dialogue between the industrial sector in health and safety” with enhancing OSH knowledge and information networking activities is a strategic objective of the DAPP program. A key role is to enrich the dialogue on prevention through various means and activities aiming together strengthening and actively supporting the contribution of knowledge in OSH to the large societal debates on the topic. The network OHS, provides a basis for collaboration among OSH agencies, experts, NGOs, institutions and organizations.

The network characteristic:

  • The network consists of twenty members from Government, private sector, OSH agencies, and experts.
  • The network is the link between industry and government and feeding the policy track
  • The network designed to meet every month besides exchanging emails.

Objective of the network:

  1. Improving the dialogue between occupational health and safety experts and the stakeholders in the industrial sectors.
  2. Sharing information and learning from others experience in the industrial sector.
  3. Intermediate between governmental, international agencies and local manufactures.
  4. Feed the policy track,
  5. Capacity building for white and blue callers in the occupational health and safety

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