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Conflict of Interest

We will avoid any conflict – real or potential – between our personal interests and the interests of ECO SD. We will promptly report any occurrence of such conflict.

Misuse of official position and public resources

We will not seek to influence for private purposes any person or body by using our official position or offering them personal advantages.

Proper personal conduct

We will ensure that our private conduct does not compromise our role as ECO employee.

Active and passive bribery

We will not give, solicit or receive directly or indirectly any gift or other favor that may influence the exercise of our function, performance of duty or judgment.


We are obliged to report to our superior suspicion or evidence of corruption committed by colleagues or others.

Openness and transparency as a rule & confidentiality when required

We will strive to achieve maximum openness and transparency towards our external constituencies. However, confidentiality will be applied when necessary to safeguard the rights of our partners, staff and others.


In our work we do not discriminate in respect of gender, color, religion, culture, education, social status, ethnic belonging or national origin or any other status.

Dissemination of the Code

We will make our Code of Conduct known to our professional partners.

Observance of the Code

We will respect the principles of the Code and we will report any evidence or suspicion of breaches to the Code.

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