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Gender Diversity Network


Project description
In cooperation with EconoWin, We work to promote gender diversity management and equal employment opportunities in the business sector of Egypt.

Project objectives

  • Creating awareness about “Gender Diversity”.
  • Raising awareness about the importance of gender diversity for companies.
  • Building capacity of HR and CSR directors on “Gender Diversity”.

Project Members

  • 10 – 15 HR and CSR Directors of EcoFEI partner companies.
  • Relevant officials could be invited to meetings on a regular basis.

Role of the network

  • Discussing ideas on how to promote GD as a competitive advantage in business.
  • Discussing ideas from business and how ECOFEI / Econowin can support them.
  • Sharing knowledge with officials and getting engaged in dialogue on how to create incentives for companies.
  • Tackling challenges and opportunities on GD.

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