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EGYTRAFO Group is a leading manufacturer of Oil, Dry Transformers and Nickel Cadmium Batteries. They had been working since 1979, located in industrial area within Badr city.

Main Source of Pollution:

After visiting and discussing with company the opportunities for enhancement and development, there was two main issues needed to be addressed the first was the drying process that was done back then at company through old furnace that uses old drying techniques which takes a period of 24 hours to 48 hours and the process of filling the oil was executed manually outside the oven, resulting in a defective percentage up to 20%.

The second area of development enhanced within EGYTRAFO Group was the painting process that uses a hand-held or automated gun, a major deficiency is their inability to transfer a substantial portion of the paint to the part in addition to the amount of pollution caused by this traditional way of painting (Air emissions include vapors form decreasing and solvents cleaning and mists from chromium – plating operations).

Environmental compliance Implemented Options

  1. Development of current drying process for oil transformers to pressure-changed vacuum drying furnace.
  2. Replacing current painting method to electrostatic painting cabinet adjusted with dust collectors.

Environmental and Economic Benefits

Environmental benefits:

  1. Saving by 72 tons of annually.
  2. Decrease emissions of VOC’S and ODC’S.
  3.  Reducing drag-out lost.
  4.  Reducing the volume of rinse water.

Investment Cost: 2,239,029L.E.

Economic Returns: 757,500L.E per year.

Return Period: 35 months.

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