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Industrial Development Works

Industrial Development Works is a leading producer of taps and valves used in water and wastewater networks. The products are made of grey and ductile cast iron as well as copper and aluminum. The company produces for the local market and employs 400 employees working in one shift, six days per week.

Environmental compliance Implemented Options

  • Transforming the existing cupola furnace to a closed rotary furnace with less energy consumption.
  • Development of the shakeout and blasting processes. The previous open manual shaking process with dust production replaced by automatic shaking process with dust collection and filters.

Environmental and Economic Benefits

Options Environmental benefits Economic saving / year (EGP) Investment t/(EGP) Pay-back period (months)
Replacement of the cupola furnaces with a rotary furnace operating with natural gas CO2 reduction: 648,000 t/year
SO2 reduction: 24 t/year
PM10 reduction: 8 t/year
Heavy Metal reduction: 220 kg/year
615,000 1,260,000 25
Upgrade shakeout and sand preparation processes PM10 reduction: 640 kg/year 493,000 914,000 22
Total   1,108,000 2,174,000 24

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