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ECO offers an extensive variety of consultancy services to a wide range of industry stakeholders and clients; we believe in building relationships not only with individual enterprises, but also including the enterprise clusters. Thus, ECO believes in a broad approach to Egyptian industry.
It also believes in looking at its clients in entirety, as well. This means that ECO takes all aspects of an enterprise into consideration when looking for possible solutions. Such aspects are environmental, financial, societal and the well-being of the enterprise’s employees.
ECO’s dynamic team is always happy to develop new solutions and services to meet our varying clients’ needs enabling them to comply with environmental legislation.

Accurate information

  • Our experienced team follows strict, state-of-the-art scientific methodologies for calculating data and providing you with the most accurate results.
  • Our clients are served as our primary source of information; we foster an open and transparent relationship with each client; one which is built on trust and confidence. However, the accuracy of our results will always depend on the quality of data provided by our client.

Technical Services

  • Assistance in obtaining different funding packages and in the preparation of feasibility studies required for funding environmental and developmental projects.
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies and assistance in obtaining the necessary licenses.
  • Evaluation of projects and facilities and preparing them for the application of environmental compatibility technologies.
  • Conducting environmental audits for industrial facilities.
  • Conducting environmental measurements within the work environment and the surrounding environment.
  • Adjusting and improving the performance of the operating thermal units (furnaces or boilers) in different industrial sectors.
  • Providing accredited audits for Energy Efficiency.
  • Preparing the project documents including the implementation, support feasibility studies, and any necessary evaluations related to obtaining the required certificates.
  • Preparing the facilities for environmental register including the required environmental measurements.
  • Providing all green business services “GBS” in cooperation with “The Egyptian-German private sector development program”.
  • Evaluating and preparing a social responsibility strategy for corporations and preparing the sustainability report.

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