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“Pioneer Businesses to Achieve Sustainable Development” Competition

4th Year – 2018

Economic Growth and Sustainable Development Goals


The sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations and endorsed by leaders of 193 States in September 2015 have became one of the most important critical factor to the poverty eradication, protection of planet Earth and a guarantee for achieving peace and prosperity for all. The world leaders set 31 ambitious goals in order to achieve common development by 2030.

Thus, it is important to have a strong business community that achieves the community development and provides a decent work environment that helping to improve the living conditions of the Egyptian society. Establishments are able to work in a strong community through enhancing a safe work environment that takes into account the occupational safety and health measures; supports equal opportunities for women and men; guarantees the rights of male/ female workers; promotes dialogue; adapts employment policies aimed at providing job opportunities for the marginalized groups such as young people, women and people with disabilities; and develops the social responsibility initiatives as action strategies and policies. Furthermore, the establishments are not only economic entities but also entities associated with the society in which they operate, as they work in a social and economic environment interrelated with the society. The better the social and economic conditions of the society, the greater opportunities for the private sector to work at a better environment.

The Main Areas:

The competition encourages the industrial establishments to participate and present examples of the activities and initiatives that have been implemented in the areas of the 17 SDGs, focusing on the Goals 7, 8, 9, 12, 17


Target Group:

  1. Entrepreneurship projects in the green economy and circular economy
  2. Small and medium- sized industrial enterprises (up to 500 employees)
  3. Large industrial enterprises (more than 500 employees)
  4. Terms of the Competition:

Competition Conditions:

The establishments willing to participate in the Competition must fulfill the following conditions:

  • The senior management shall contribute to the sustainable development activities and initiatives;
  • The establishments shall have the drivers for growth and success;
  • Adherence to environmental laws and regulations.


Required Documents:

The establishments wiling to participate shall submit the following documents:

  • Fill out the participation application form (attached).
  • A signed letter from the company management for approval to participate in the Competition.


Selection Committee:

The participants involved in the evaluation include representatives of FEI/ECO, Industrial Chambers, Ministry of Environment and a sustainable development consultant.

Selection Criteria:

The aim of the competition is encouraging companies to present success stories to be a model for other companies.
The award is an award for inspiration, however, its goal is not only to highlight the successful companies, but also to shed the light on model companies that work positively with the challenges they face. This means that it will focus on difficulties, how to get rid of them and the values learned.
The evaluation goes according to certain standards like, the positive impact of activities, strategic value as well as creativity and inspiration.

Innovation: the ability of the activities and initiatives to inspire others, provide innovative solutions from the higher criteria in the medium industrial sectors.

Impact: the importance of results/ impact and whether it was documented convincingly.

Integration:  whether the described activities are independent or the company is working in a large scale on a number of topics related to the sustainable development.

Strategic value: whether the sustainable development activity is creating value of work for the company, and whether it’s related to the groundwork of the company.

Balance: whether the company is highlighting the challenges, what has been learned and the problems encountered.

Supportive material :

  • Photos of the company’s activities that related to competition fields.
  • Videos of the company’s activities.
  • Reports about sustainability.


  • Winners will be honored and receive the competition shield in a special ceremony at Federation of Egyptian Industry.
  • Presenting the success stories of the winning companies via media as they are considered pioneer models in sustainable development field.
  • Covering the initiatives in printed material of Environmental Compliance office and sustainable development.
  • Enlisting the winning companies in training courses or workshops that Environmental Compliance office and sustainable development offers inside and outside Egypt.

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