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Pioneer business competition to achieve sustainable development

A competition organized by the Environmental Compliance office and sustainable development
Affiliated to Federation of Egyptian Industries

Contributing to sustainable development is a goal that several industrial facilities seek to achieve, while becoming aware of the increasing need for a socially responsible behavior. Companies benefit of this through more efficient use of resources, applying the best practices within workplace, increasing productivity and product quality, opening new markets, as well as contributing to improve the surrounding society.

Nowadays, companies became not merely an economic entities, but also entities that associate with the society in which they work. Since they work in a social and economic environment interrelated with the society, furthermore, the better social and economic circumstances of society is, the better private sector’s chances of working in a better environment increase.
In this framework, the Environmental Compliance office and sustainable development affiliated to Federation of Egyptian Industries has the honour to announce launching “Pioneer business competition to achieve sustainable development”.

The competition aims at inviting small, medium and large enterprises that exert efforts in sustainable development field, to present their successful initiatives stories, in order to enhance the awareness of sustainable development among Egyptian companies. The competition awards the successful models presented by the companies that offered initiatives and achievements, and contributed to achieving sustainable development through their work. It will also shed the light on success stories aiming at emphasizing the benefits and advantages of merging sustainable development efforts within the company’s working field, and the necessity of attaching the social and environmental dimensions to the economic dimension.

The Main Areas:

The competition encourages industrial facilities to participate and present models of activities and initiatives that were implemented in the following sectors:


Initiatives that support the preventive approach to face environmental challenges, enhances environmental responsibility and using eco-friendly technologies.

Work place

Initiatives that support work environment, encourage enabling workers, follow policies eliminate all forms of discrimination and encourage women work.


Contributions to serve the society through sustainable projects of great value to the society and the company as well.

Target Group:

  1. Large industrial facilities (more than 500 employees).
  2. Medium and small facilities (500 employees maximum).

Terms of the Competition:

The facilities that want to participate in “Pioneer business competition to achieve sustainable development” have to meet the following conditions:

  • Affiliated to private sector.
  • A member of Federation of Egyptian Industries.
  • Has been founded since more than 3 years.
  • Has success and growth constituents.
  • Adheres to environmental laws and regulations.
  • Has a future work plan in environment, workplace and society fields.

Required Documents:

The facilities that want to participate have to provide the following documents:

  • Filling the participating application.
  • A letter of agreement on participating in the competition signed by the company’s administration.

Selection Committee:

The participants in evaluating during the competition include representatives of Federation of Egyptian Industries/ environment compliance office and sustainable development, industry chambers, Egyptian General Authority for Standards and Quality, ministry of environment, representatives of civil society, advisors in sustainable development field.

Selection Criteria:

The aim of the competition is encouraging companies to present success stories to be a model for other companies.
The award is an award for inspiration, however, its goal is not only to highlight the successful companies, but also to shed the light on model companies that work positively with the challenges they face. This means that it will focus on difficulties, how to get rid of them and the values learned.
The evaluation goes according to certain standards like, the positive impact of activities, strategic value as well as creativity and inspiration.

  • Creativity: The ability of activities and initiatives to inspire others, present creative solutions, from the levels higher than medium in industrial sectors.
  • Impact: How results/impacts are important and whether they were documented convincingly or not.
  • Consistency: Whether the described activities are independent or the company is working on a number of topics related to sustainable development on a large scale.
  • Strategic value: Whether the sustainable development activity creates work value to the company and relates to the main work of the company.
  • Balance: Whether the company shed the light on challenges and what it has learned and the problems it faced.

Supportive tools – if there are any:

  • Photos of the company’s activities that related to competition fields.
  • Videos of the company’s activities.
  • Reports about sustainability.


  • Winners will be honored and receive the competition shield in a special ceremony at Federation of Egyptian Industry.
  • Presenting the success stories of the winning companies via media as they are considered pioneer models in sustainable development field.
  • Covering the initiatives in printed material of Environmental Compliance office and sustainable development.
  • Enlisting the winning companies in training courses or workshops that Environmental Compliance office and sustainable development offers inside and outside Egypt.

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